Corporate Sports Coach

Find your advantages with my corporate sports coaching

Corporate Sports Coach

I decide to act as if everything is possible

My coaching in your company

As a corporate sport coach i can offer you a wide range of fitness classes and relaxation classes that will meet the needs of your teams: Pilates, tai chi quon, muscle strengthening, bodybuilding, fitboxing, circuit training, h.i.i.t, circuit training, etc.

What Kind of fitness classes will i propose your company?

I will bring in your corporate different fitness classes programs suitable for all profiles and all levels. The exercises are varied and fun so that you have fun practicing. You can of course modulate the fitness activities as you wish and change them from one session to another.

Take advantage of my corporate sports coach services

With my activities, ensure good physical and mental health (well-being) and performance benefits from the employees in your company. Personalized and effective course proposals can bring real moments of relaxation, conviviality and sharing between different teams.

What are the advantages of having a professional sports corporate coach?

Many companies use sports to energize their teams. It is a formidable effective way to create links, to evacuate stress, to reduce the tensions of daily life, to learn to let go and to optimize work investment. It is to ensure good physical and mental health .

the other advantages:

  • Improve concentration
  • Fight against a sedentary lifestyle (we sit on average 7h24 a day)
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Improve social cohesion, develop a healthy competitive spirit
  • Strengthen team spirit
  • Improve the quality of life at work by creating a dynamic corporate culture
  • Boost employee engagement to your company
  • bring well-being to work
  • etc…

The quality assurance of my corporate fitness classes

My Fitness coaching will be personalized for employees of your company, based on physical activities coached by my professional trainings and experiences. (take a look at my curriculum).

Take advantage of my services as a corporate sports coach.

Be free to contact me for feather fitness coaching questions for Geneva and its surroundings (Carouge, Meyrin, Lancy, Vernier, etc.).

Please do not hesitate to contact me by email if you require any further information.