Fit Boxing Geneva

Fit Boxing Geneva, a new way to do Fitness

Fit Boxing Geneva

Mixt techniques of Fit Boxing that promises strong thrills

Fit Boxing Geneva, Versoix, Nyon, Rolles, Mies, Genthod, Coppet, Gland, Hermance, Cologny, Collonge-Bellerive…..

Try it !

While having fun, this class will lead to muscle strengthening and weight loss.

What is it? Fit Boxing Geneva.

Fit boxing is a mixt of fitness workout (abs, glutes, etc.), cardio and fighting techniques. It allows you to let off steam in a fun way and to burn calories but also to relieve the stress of the day.

You will gain flexibility, endurance and also refine your silhouette, develop your mind as well as self-confidence !

Assimilate the fundamental reflexes of self-defense without getting hurt. You will learn many combinations that will allow you to create habits to defend yourself. Easy, fit boxing can be practiced anywhere, with or without equipment.

In short, you will :

  • Exercises with the pads to intensify the game and distress
  • Shadow boxing with “fitlight” to improve technical elements and especially speed
  • Setting up combinations with fists / feet / elbows in order to create muscle memory and to successfully defend yourself
  • Learning attractive and motivating full body exercises for effective weight loss training and strengthening while having fun
  • all adapted to different levels

Boxe Geneva


Boxe Giuseppe Vedovato


Where ?

For Who ?

For everyone, men and women and for all ages

Private lesson boxe

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