Home swimming lessons

Swimming at home
My home swimming lessons provide personal attention to each child.

My home swimming lessons program

I provide personal attention to each kid.

I motivate and encourage children with a fun and challenging approach. That guarantees fulfillment, enthusiasm and creates a unique experience as if the child were on vacation. I make sure that every child enjoys their lesson.

The five levels for the swimming Kids

LevelsTo be able to….Why :Key activities:
1-Head Immersion: With and without Goggles

– Flotation: Starfish on the back, belly, ball……
-creates experiences, being relaxed, calm like a fish in water.

-be able to float especially on the back to free the airways. (to breathe, have more time to be rescued and even succeed in comming out of pool)
-head immersion with and without goggles Make bubbles

– Floating on the back and belly with the help of the monitor.

-Introduction to kicking with a flotation device

2 -Orientation

-Leg kicking
-Orient yourself in the water, know
what to do and where to go to be safe

-Being able to move develop muscle memory and efficient locomotion.
-glide on stomach and back independently.

-improve kicking technique and strength.

– do the leg kicks with the head in the water for 7m.
3 -Pizza (breaststroke arm) with breathing

-Cat that Scratches (4 straight crawl arms) + swimming shoulder roll

-Backstroke + shoulder rol
-Coordination of a second locomotion to have a more efficient movement and succeed in lifting the head to breathe.

-Learning the arms of the front crawl, mastering effective gestures, improving orientation and arm-Kicking coordination with frontal breathing

-Facilitate long distances and orientation of straight arms with free airways.
-Learn breath stroke arm movements and coordinate arms and legs.

-Rotation from belly to back with continuous leg kicks -Swim with straight arms (front crawl and backstroke)

– Perfection of kicking technique. -Introduction to front crawl straight arms.

-Introduction to straight arms from the back.

4 -Crawl

-(breaststroke legs)
-Learning coordination and breathing, increase distance.

-learning frog legs (breaststroke legs)
-Introduction to lateral breathing in front crawl.

-Improved back coordination. -Introduction to breaststroke legs.

-Develop the front crawl action with bilateral breathing

-Breaststroke with proper breathing and coordination. -Introduce the butterfly leg movement.
5 -Endurance

– stroke corrections and butterfly training


Home swimming lessons

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