Outdoor fitness activity

Outdoor fitness Activity

Outdoor fitness activity classes in or around Geneva. Several formulas are possible either personal fitness training or small group training. In parks, stadiums, public gardens, wide open spaces… whatever your fitness goal you have, i will adapt the lessons to your needs and your agenda.

Looking for a outdoor fitness coach?

Take advantage of my outdoor fitness activity skills. Activities supervised by a certified personal fitness trainer coach, who offers you a personalized approach, according to your needs, your objectives and your desires, needs of the moment. I am at your entire disposal to establish with you the coaching program that suits you.

Why to have a certified coach for outdoor classes?

The benefits of outdoor fitness coaching activity are considerable:

  • stress and anxiety reduction
  • Challenge your mind and body to sharpen your thinking skills
  • recharge your batteries and get out of your daily professional life
  • get or keep fit
  • etc

Why choosing me as your sports coach?

I am certified (See My CV) coach, knowledge of how to obtain results is the most important factor in overall coaching success. Such knowledge i gained through education and experience, this is more than just knowing rules and regulations. Always have to listening and understands your needs.

My goal is to motivate you and get results as quickly as possible. I am the one who knows how to build a training program adapted to your physical condition and the goals you wanted to achieve.

What makes me a good coach?

An effective coach communicates well and exudes credibility, competence, respect and authority. Able to explain ideas clearly, easily. Clear communication means setting defined goals, giving direct feedback and reinforcing the key messages.

my specific qualities are to be positive, enthusiastic, supportive, trustfull, focused, goal-oriented, to observant, respectful. I will be your inspirational coach when you need to stay positive while working on your goals and inspire you helping you to go through life problems by offering encouragement to keep you going.

The disadvantages of outdoor fitness activity and my solutions?

It is not always possible to plan outdoor sports activities down to the smallest detail. Indeed, a certain number of parameters can come and pertubaite them such as the wind, the rain or the snow.

This is why I am on the one hand flexible and on the other hand I consider alternatives ideas so that the activity can take place.

Please do not hesitate to contact me by email if you require any further information.