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Private Coach Giuseppe Vedovato
Personal trainer Geneve

Your personal trainer in Genève Giuseppe

Personal trainer Geneve, Versoix, Nyon, Rolles, Mies, Genthod, Coppet, Gland, Hermance, Cologny, Collonge-Bellerive…..

You are all different, so here’s the training I propose you :

Physical training, the heart of my job:

Building with you a program perfectly adapted to your level and your objectives.

Getting back into shape, optimizing your trainings or preparing for a physical exam.

I am at your disposal to listen to your needs so i can offer you the best solutions.

Thanks to all my certificated trainings, I can propose you differnt training, both indoor and outdoor. To find out which fitness activity is most enjoyable and motivating for you.


This is the service I offer you in my personal training :

1 – Training with goal setting :    

personal trainer sport lessons Geneva

What ever is your goal, I will clearly help you break it down into a step by step process.

Importantly feedback will determine what works and what doesn’t.

2 – Physical execices and new habits :

As you go through your training plan I’ll take care and expect new habits pop out.

3 – Personal training and Diet Plan :

Your energy, mood and muscle recovery that you have throughout the day can be affected by what you eat. Don’t have to make drastic changes straight away. Slowly make an effort to improve your eating habits as you workout progresses.     

4 – Personal training for a better rest day : 

Another habit is to not forget the importance of the rest day, and the quality of your sleep, for your body to recover.

5 – Physical exercises that change bad habits into good habits: 

Change other bad habits into good habits Studies show that almost half of our behaviors are not controlled by our conscience, but by our subconscious! This is called a habit.

Do you want to free yourself from your bad habits to lose weight, quit smoking, do more sports, stop snacking… and make it become good habits?

I will help you to achieve your personal objectives in order to allow a beneficial and lasting change. Thanks to my flexibility and my ability to listen, I will be flexible and adapt my training to your needs of the day, your stress and your mood to obtain a better result.

Fit Boxe

In how many workouts will you get a results?

It depends on you, you can see me once a week to several times. Depending on your free time and your motivation.

my personal training role is take you step by step to achieve your goals .

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Giuseppe Personal trainer geneve

Why a Personal Trainer in Geneve at your home?

The advantages are many:

  • 100% personalized training
  • quick results
  • a definite time saving
  • less stress running around
  • the comfort of playing sports without leaving your home
  • sessions organized according to your availability

No matter if you have limited space, training does not necessarily require a large space. They can be practiced both indoors and outdoors depending on the weather and your mood.

Playing sports from home will not necessarily require investing in equipment. Indeed, I will bring it with me during the sessions. The equipment may vary depending on the training.

It’s time to work it out !

Personal trainer Geneva

Please do not hesitate to contact me by email if you require any further information for a personal trainer in geneve.

See you soon