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Pilates Geneva
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Pilates Genève
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Strengthen your deep muscles, improve your flexibility and endurance.

Pilates is a low impact exercise method. So you can train deep muscular strength, but also flexibility and endurance. Above all Pilates corrects proper postural alignment core strength and muscle balance.

Lessons provide either gentle strength training pilates program or a challenge workout, adapted to all ages, for beginners and for people who already exercise regularly.

Pilates Geneva

Pilates training stops your back pain.

This method exercises are frequently recommended to help prevent and decrease back pain. To conclude you get strengthened core alignment and gentle stretch doing pilates exercises.

How long will it take you to see results doing pilates exercises ?

A average active person doing 2-3 hours per week should see some results within 10-12 classes.

Improve health benefits with my pilates lessons

Lots of benefits the moste importants are:

Improvement of your body balance and therefore your posture, but also improves your breath capacity. In addition you will find energy and muscle tone.

Thanks to the pilates sessions, you will be able to relieve your stress.

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How to become a Pilates teacher? What diploma or training can you take ?

There is not yet a diploma recognized by the state as such. On the other hand, the teaching of the Pilates Method is linked to the sport code.

However, in France, it is necessary to hold a title recognized by the Ministry of Sports to teach the Pilates Method for remuneration.

In most cases, Pilates teachers hired by sports or fitness centers hold a Certificate of State Gymnastics Activities in Fitness and Strength. This training is recognized among other things, thanks to its teaching of anatomy courses and different pathologies. So Pilates teachers can adapt to each person according to their problem.

To follow a training course to become a Pilates teacher, several solutions are available to you. For example face-to-face or distance learning, individually or in groups, short training or long training, etc.

There are different organizations, so it is important to choose a school whose courses are based on the heritage of Joseph Pilates to meet the same specifications and the basic principles of the method.

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