Pilates Geneva

Pilates Geneva

Pilates For Men and Women

What I propose you:

My classes will Lengthen and stretch all major muscle groups of the body in a balanced manner. We will improves flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness. Different programmes each time.

What It Does:

A regular once a week practice of Pilates in Geneva is very effective and allows you to obtain significant results in the body such as: better posture. back pain reduction. better breathing.

Pilates offers an overall strengthening of your body. The multitude of exercises makes it possible to solicit all parts of the body and engage the pelvis. It is never the same muscle groups (deep muscles and stabilizers) that work together: legs, glutes, abdominal, back, arms…

The Pilates Center Thônex in Geneva offers you your first class free

Le Centre de Pilates Thônex

Pilates for men Thônex

Le Centre Pilates Thônex

What type of workout is pilates and for whom?

Whether you are an older adult just starting to exercise, an elite athlete, or somewhere in between, the foundations of Pilates movement apply to you and your body. The focus on building core strength, proper alignment, and the body-mind connection make Pilates accessible to all.

The strong point of this sport is the harmonious development of the muscles. Above all, the Pilates gym develops the elasticity and tone of the muscles. It helps increase strength without creating excessive muscle mass. The results you will have is a toned body and elongated muscle groups. Finally, overall, the legs are thinner and the stomach much flatter.

The nine principles of pilates method:

Even if Pilates has evolved , these nine elements remain the basis of Pilates sequence.

  1. Concentration: Concentrate 100% on the exercise you are performing. The body/mind relationship.
  2. Breathing: In Pilates, you must breathe in harmony with every movement. We do not breathe with the belly, we breathe through the ribs, this is called lateral thoracic breathing.
  3. Centering: The goal of Pilates is to increase abdominal muscle strength, i.e. the center of the body. In all movements, the engagement of this center of the body must be the starting point. It will allow control and fluidity to movement during the exercises.
  4. Control: Keeping one part of the body steady while another part moves.
  5. Precision: Working on the alignments allows you to engage the stabilizing muscles. Adopting good alignments, a Pilates class will lead you to good alignments in everyday life: good posture without unnecessary pressure on your joints combined with efficient breathing and stability.
  6. Fluidity: Avoids hard, rapid and jerky movements; links the exercises together.
  7. Isolation: Engage your deep musculature isometrically before integrating the movement.
  8. Continuity: The frequency and regularity of training will guide you towards mastering the movement with precise execution.
  9. Integration: Integrate your knowledge and knowledge into daily life.

What do I offer you with my pilates trainings?

Small groupe Reformer (max 6 personnes)

I propose you small groups pilates classes in Thônex alternating mat workout with equipment and reformer classes.

Class times at Center Pilates Thônex a Geneva :

Monday : 20h30
Tuesday : 20h30
Friday : 19h15 & 20h15

The benefits of Pilates are therefore numerous, both for the silhouette and for health and mental well-being:

There is no longer any need to prove that the benefits of pilates are numerous and beneficial to health. Indeed, exercises are frequently recommended for:

  • Improve posture
  • Heart workout (aerobic)
  • Refined silhouette
  • Deep muscle workout
  • Stress reduction
  • Better daily energy
  • strength Muscle building
  • Balanced between slimness, flexibility and muscular work

Pilates Stress and Emotion?

Thanks to the pilates sessions, you will be able to evacuate your stress and regain energy on a daily basis through its breathing technique.

The Pilates Center in Thônex a Geneva offers you your first class free

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