Swimming lessons at home Geneva

Private children swimming lessons in Geneva. Kids instructor available for private fun swimming lessons for children.

Private children swimming lessons Geneva
Private children swimming lessons

Private children swimming lessons Learning water safety skills is important whether its a infant, toddler, child or even adults, to be safe and confient in water.

I move and do swimming lessons in Geneva, Versoix, Nyon, Rolles, Mies, Genthod, Coppet, Gland, Hermance, Cologny, Collonge-Bellerive, and around.

What is my role as a private swimming teacher ?

My role as a swimming teacher is to help developping swimming skills for children and adults.


Private swimming lessons at home

My private swimming lessons at home is based on different techniques according to the needs of the child to develop their confidence and their comfort in the water. Thanks to my professional experiences, I have been able to experiment with several methods such as the English method which is practiced directly in the water as well as the French method which is done outside the water. I therefore provide swimming lessons according to the level of the child, sometimes mixing the 2 techniques, creating a fun, effective and pleasant experience for the child.

Fun private swimming lessons for happy children

My swimming program is mainly based on fun activities through games. This will allow me to effectively guide your child through the fundamental steps while having fun.

I motivate and encourage children with a fun and challenging approach. That guarantees fulfillment, enthusiasm and creates a unique experience as if the child were on vacation. I make sure that every child enjoys their lesson.

Personal attention to each children need to enjoy private swimming lessons

My swimming lessons provide personal attention to each child. I teach basic swimming techniques as well as water safety. As each child is different, they learn the levels in the same order but at a different pace. (Click here to see the levels).

Why learn to swim and at what age can swimming be taught ?

To secure your bathing, you should learn to swim from an early age.

Drowning, and more particularly that of children, is one of the main causes of accidents. It is therefore essential to learn to swim as soon as possible.

However, anyone can learn to swim at any age. The teaching method will therefore be different depending on physical condition, level of swimming and age.

apprendre à nager Genève

It’s easy to learn to swim as long as you put in the time and effort !

My Private children swimming lessons offers :

I offer in Geneva and the surrounding area: fun swimming lessons, be surprised to see your child learn water safety techniques.

1 – Swimming lessons for children from 3 ½ years old :

First of all, swimming lessons will allow your child to flourish and be more independent in the water through entertaining games.

With a fun and educational method, your child will learn to swim and progress according to his level. But also swimming lessons allow :

Swimming lessons Geneva
  • work on motor skills and coordination (movement, breathing)
  • acquire the right movements to become automatisms
  • improve concentration in everyday life (school, sport, etc.)
  • become aware of space and your body

The course lasts 1 hour and is divided into 2 parts: 40 mn of swimming and 20 mn outside of water to learn coordination, motor skills and muscle memory.

Lessons can be given from 1 to 5 children maximum depending on their level.

2 – Swimming lessons for adult :

Do you want to improve your confidence in water? I can therefore offer you sessions tailored to your needs.

We will work more on the technical part in swimming with specific educational with movements and space.

swim lessons Geneva

How long will it take for your child to learn to swim ?

Each person is different. It’s therefore difficult to give an exact estimate. But the more regularly you go to practice, the faster you will learn.

Why choosing me as a swimming instructor, which swimming certification i have?

I am certified swimming instructor BPJEPS AAN (water activities and swimming instructor),It is a professional french 10 months swimming certification with a strict swimming admission tests. Subsequently, I continued with various advanced training courses with other schools (see my CV). The BPJEPS AAN is the swimming instructor certification most recognized since it teaches you to:

  1. Teach swimming to schools kids
  2. Learn the different swimming and teaching techniques
  3. lifeguard water rescue and first aid
  4. How to give private lessons
  5. How to prepare and do water activities classes, baby swimmers and even prenatalwater classes.
  6. Knowledge on swimming pool hygiène and its rules

Duration of professional swimming certification BPJEPS AAN:

It is a full-time training of 1 year

Name of swimming school or school:

CREPS-Centre de ressources, d’expertise et de performance sportives d’Ile-de-France

1 Rue du Dr le Savoureux, 92290 Châtenay-Malabry, France

If you have any questions on swimming lessons please be free to email me.

See you soon