Swim lessons

Bring your swimming lessons in your pool, no need to stress with traffic or time.

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Swim lessons Geneva

Learning water safety skills is important whether its a infant, toddler, child or even adults, to be safe and confient in water.

What is my role has swimming teacher ?

My role as swimming teacher is to help developping swimming skills for children and adults.


At what age can swimming be taught and is it difficult ?

Anyone at any age can learn swimming, it’s easy just put in the time and effort.

My swimming offers :

Have fun and be surprised to see your baby learn water safety skills with you.

From 4 months to 3.5 years. Baby lessons :

You’ll do games , sing songs and do activities so that you’re kid will learns to put head under water make bubbles blowing and holding breath. He will also float and glide paddling away like a little duck .

Swimming lesons for children from 3.5 years :

Children happy having fun in water with the swimming teacher playing games and teaching new skills to be independent. As well as personal attention so that he can progress faster.

What will your child benefits with my swimming program ?

The child with my swim program will learn water safety enjoying playing, strengthening his health growing stronger with low stress on joints.

In conclusion, improve muscular endurance, overall mustn’t forget intelligence and cognitive functioning that will be finally a big help for his age.

How long will it take for your child to learn to swim ?

Every child is different and impossible to give an exact answer. The only thing I can say is that, more often he practice and the more regularly he goes to a pool. Obviously, the faster he will learn.

Why does switzerland teachers pass swimming diploma in France?

In Switzerland the lifeguard diploma is mandatory to work in a swimming pool, but teaching swimming techniques and other pool programs or activities is not.

The most popular Swiss diploma is the “Brevet Pro Pool”. The duration of the training is approximately 11 hours to become a professional  pool supervisor.

Although this diploma is recognized for safety and rescue, it does not teach children or adults how to swim. Indeed, there is no learning and no practice to teach swimming skills. In fact, this diploma does not train on Pedagogic theories, technical aspects on the transmission of knowledge.

This is why many lifeguards complete their training in France.

First, the diploma and training course in France is longer and more complete.

The BPJEPS ANN diploma training takes place during 10 months, it has admission tests as well as practical and professional during the course. It is a recognized swimming diploma, we learn to:

  1. Teach swimming to schools kids
  2. Learn the different swimming and teaching techniques
  3. lifeguard water rescue and first aid
  4. How to give private lessons
  5. How to prepare and do water activities classes, baby swimmers and even prenatalwater classes.
  6. Knowledge on swimming pool hygiène and its rules

If you have any questions on swimming lessons please be free to email me.

See you soon