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Personal Trainer in Genève

I’m a Personal trainer in Genève Born in South Africa from Italian parents, I discovered my love for sport while studying at K.E.S (www.kes.co.za) in Johannesburg.

As a rule every season, we had differents sports activities.

My favourite were rugby during the winter season and water sports in the summer. Undoubtedly, sport became my reason for living!

Finally, after 15 years in English school in South-africa, I ended my studies in Italy. In addition to this periods, I discovered fitness clubs as well as swimming in associations.

After this period I left Italy to discover Europe where I landed in Paris.

As well as that I had the chance to join the Creps.

 Giuseppe Vedovato coach sportif Genève

Giuseppe Vedovato

Where, for a year I obtained my first state diploma as a Sports Educator. Obviously did a second one a few years later willing additionally to specialize in swimming.

I expanded my knowledge by doing other regular additional trainings. In conclusion this allows me to have a large variety of knowledge so I can offer different high quality classes.

Why should you hire my coaching?

1– My two diplomas certified CREPS “Centers of Resources, Expertise and Sports Performance”, different from other schools.

To sum up it’s a French State School, the training is specific and intense one year on single discipline.

In conclusions: I learned differents techniques to develop a deeper pedagogical teaching.

2– The additionals trainings as well as 20 years of experience will definitely give you a personalized follow-up for your level and goals.

3– With the different trainings pilates modules, HIIT, TRX, Fitboxe, circuit training and others. Will allows me to offer you various workouts. Above all I can target your preferences to make your physical activity more playful and more motivating !

4– I am flexible and move with the equipment necessary . I adapt to the weather, so the classes can be done both indoors and outdoors.

5- My CV and my professional career in complete transparency.

The benefits of my coaching are ?

Thanks to my coaching, I will make you work on your physical as well as mental fitness! You will get a better lifestyle. Your attitude will be more positive in life but also at work and whatever your age is. As a result, you will be happier, brighter, more goal oriented, and generally more successful.

Why physical activity is good for you in general ?

1. My physical exercises will control your weight

My exercise can help you prevent excessive weight gain or maintain weight loss. When you do physical activity, you burn calories. Always start easily and organize your physical activity step by step.

2. My physical activities will help you fight health problems and illnesses

 Physical activity is beneficial for everyone, in fact it acts as a preventive treatment for diseases. In addition, it improves your memory and your concentration. Likewise, it decreases sleep disturbances as well as cardiovascular diseases by reducing cholesterol as well as blood pressure.

3. Sport exercises improve mood

 Sport stimulates various brain chemicals that will make you happier, more relaxed, and less anxious. You’ll also feel better about yourself when you train regularly, which builds confidence and improve your self-esteem.

4. Physical exercises stimulate energy

Regular physical activity improves your muscle strength and increases your endurance. In fact, exercises provide oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and help your cardiovascular system to function more efficiently. Therefore, when your heart and lung health improve, you have more energy to deal with daily tasks.

5. Physical exercises promote better sleep

Regular physical activity can help you fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply and therefore your sleep will be more restful. You will therefore be less tired when you wake up in the morning. And lungs improve, that brings oxygen into the body and so you’ll have more energy to deal with daily tasks.

6. Physical activities put the spark back in your sex life

 In addition to optimizing your health, sport is beneficial to desire. Indeed, after 30 minutes of effort, our body secretes endorphins, also called pleasure hormones. These hormones improve libido and help fight stress, one of the primary causes of reduction of sexual activity. Also, feeling fit and desirable feeds self-esteem and helps you feel good n your body.

7. Physical exercises act on stress

Sport is an excellent anti-stress activity. Indeed, when we do physical activity, our body releases calming hormones. Regular physical activity therefore relieves stress, reduces tension and helps keep your key mental skills sharp.

8. Physical activities can also affect personal development

 Regular physical exercise improves a personal performance but also allows them to focus more on their goals.

 How? By increasing the capacity to identify solutions. This is a particular type of personal development which concerns on the one hand the awareness of one’s own body but also of one’s mental state. This includes thoughts, ideas, feelings or even the interactions with others.

My references in Geneva :

I’m working at the University of Geneva where I give fitness classes and personal training.

Centre Pilates a Thonex. I do personal training, give reformer classes and mat.

I give swimming lessons with Red Whale. Teaching baby classes with parents and giving swimming lessons to children.

In Melrose, I give fitboxe classes, pilates and do individual personal training.

At Bacardi society, I do pilates classes for the employees.

Don’t hesitate to contact me (Personal trainer in Genève) if you have any questions

See you soon